E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

This course teaches entrepreneurship using innovation and online tools as needed by farmers, agriculture students or any business student in particular.

The Filipino business environment is evolving as we speak. Businesses, in any industry, whether from the agriculture to retailing, experiences heightened competition resulting in lesser chances for business success. With the advent of technology, the traditional way to do business is becoming obsolete needed with innovation and internet technology infusion.

This E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Course promises students an actionable business course to leverage on students’ expertise in agriculture and internet technology. This Project ROLEx business course, not only teaches Filipino the basics of a business, it will expand Filipinos’ horizons by learning to adapt to changing business landscape and leverage on current trends, tools, and techniques to start a sustainable business. By the end of this course, students’ will realize how entrepreneurship is the key to their success.

Specifically, the objectives of the course are the following:

  1. Define Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce;
  2. Understand the integration of Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce as well as the tools needed to translate concepts into actionable tasks;
  3. Develop Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce business models for the application in the field of Agriculture;
  4. Evaluate the market dynamics in executing business models and plans; and
  5. Formulate E-commerce Entrepreneurship strategies in maximizing students’ expertise in the area of Agriculture as well as other technology-related
Free and open access for the bootstrapping Entrepreneur without the certification needed.


Capstone Project


RM Nisperos

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